Project Sisu is a creative consulting practice offering services across three interconnected domains.


changing things

From the board room to the steel mill; from Hong Kong’s urban intensity to the wheat fields in western Victoria; from art galleries to libraries to universities to women’s refuges – the breadth and depth of our experience is substantial.
We have invented new approaches to:
  • leadership development
  • project-based learning
  • team talk and collaborative design
  • participative strategy
We offer short pop-up masterclasses in tools from the Sisu Bento Box. In 2-3 hours you can explore a tool and leave with a practical action plan in tow.
We also specialise in longer-term, project-based learning programs, from three to six months.
We offer change residencies, where we partner with organisations during major transitions.
We bring our experience and tools to bear on participative approaches to developing strategy and shifting organisational cultures.Examples of our work can be found here.


communicating stuff

We are experienced writers, researchers, and digital engagement strategists. We help people get better at presenting information, insights and relevant stories. Advocacy is a skill; stakeholder communication, a necessity. Framing the right stories is essential, and having the courage to tell them with imagination and flair.

Examples of our work can be found here.


cultural research

Creative communities need avenues for shared problem-solving and a dynamic exchange of knowledge. Shared values and civic participation can be nurtured through respectful conversations in democratic spaces.As cultural researchers and change catalysts we use culturally-specific methods. Cultural analysis is different from economic and social analysis; it welcomes narrative views, metaphors, feelings and associative thinking.

Examples of our work can be found here.